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Auto Insurers

Top TN. Auto Insurers

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Top Auto Insurance Companies ranked by premiums in Tennessee. Includes extensive financial information and complete contact information. Data in Excel format suitable for easy download.

Fields included in the AUTO INSURERS product:

NOTE: Some records may not contain data for every field listed below.

  • Company name
  • Parent company
  • Office in Tennessee?
  • Auto ins. Direct prems. written 2009
  • Auto ins. percent change
  • Auto ins. market share
  • Auto ins. direct prems. earned
  • Auto ins. direct prems. unearned
  • Auto ins. direct losse incurred
  • Auto ins. direct losses paid
  • Auto ins. direct losses unpaid
  • Year founded
  • General manager
  • Parent company: (Company name, Street address 1, City, State or province, Postal code, Office phone, Corporate website)
  • General manager: (First name, Last name, Title)
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