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Inventors Ranked by Number of Patents Issued1
Patents issued / Issue dates
Top patent assignee2
Most cited patent
1Kit Rae
81 / 1995-2011
United Cutlery Inc.
Knife with side guards
2Cressie E. Holcombe Jr.
713 / 1976-2007
Equity Enterprises
Shoe construction
3Amit Goyal
70 / 1998-2015
Structures having enhanced biaxial texture and method of fabricating same
4David Cawlfield
62 / 1985-2000
Oiles Corp.
Model predictive control apparatus and method
5John S. Hsu
53 / 1991-2014
Method of manufacturing squirrel cage rotors
6Frederick M. Shofner
49 / 1977-2010
Zellweger Uster
Continuous two dimensional monitoring of thin webs of textile materials
6Donald K. Belcher
49 / 1977-2007
Harris Corp.
Radio location system for precisely tracking objects by RF transceiver tags which randomly and repetitively emit wideband identification signals
8Robert J. Lauf
47 / 1983-2014
Temperature measuring device
8Peter W. Barile
47 / 1977-2016
Shelby Williams Industries
Detachable anchoring device for a seat assembly
10Thomas S. Snyder
42 / 1985-2006
Westinghouse Electric Co.
Decontamination using electrolysis
11Donald M. Kroeger
41 / 1986-2009
Structures having enhanced biaxial texture and method of fabricating same
12Thomas G. Thundat
40 / 1995-2013
Microcantilever sensor
12Chaitanya Narula
40 / 1990-2016
Ford Global Technologies
Catalytic differential calorimetric gas sensor
14John J. Carberry
36 / 1992-2016
Neptec Optical Solutions
Orthodontic bracket and associated fabricating method
15Michael L. Simpson
35 / 1989-2015
In vivo biosensor apparatus and method of use
16Kenneth F. Olson
34 / 1996-2013
SurVivaLink Corp.
Automated external defibrillator operator interface
16James W. Klett
34 / 1994-2016
Process for making carbon foam
16H. Craig Dees
34 / 1986-2015
Provectus Pharmatech; Photogen
Method for improved selectivity in photoactivation and detection of molecular diagnostic agents
19Sheng Dai
33 / 1998-2016
Imprint-coating synthesis of selective functionalized ordered mesoporous sorbents for separation and sensors
1 Knoxville-area inventors with patents assigned from 1976 to August 24, 2016. Some patents involve multiple inventors. This list does not reflect all the inventors who are responsible for the primary patents; 2 Represents organization for which this particular inventor filed the majority of his/her patents; 3 Includes some foreign patents
Source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. NA=not available or not applicable. If you notice an error or omission, please contact Angela Akers at 865-342-6424 or

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